Star Fire
version 2.0


I didn't care about love,
Because I was on drugs,

My love for you,
Wasn't very true,

You are still good looking,
You should taste my cooking,

You are very good looking, from the day of our last kiss,
Which was a heavenly bliss,

I don't know how to say this,
But I hold you in my heart,
I am as poetic as Romeo,
While you were never far apart,

Constant longing for the perfect soul,
And not some plastic Barbie doll,

You where my first love,
I threw it all away,
All I can do now,
Is read my bible and pray,

I now fathom what I lost,
And now I realise what it cost,

I didn't want to get out of bed,
So I pulled the covers over my head,

The demons are talking in my mind,
They are scared because I found something divine,

The demons are still talking in my head,
They are saying 'you're writing her a poem to get her in bed?',

I am trembling as I write this,
 Lust is not my desire,
 You have a golden smile,
 To get to you I would walk through fire,

My voice is as strong as the wind,
You should hear me sing,

I will sing you an angel song,
That, to you, it will belong,

I am not stupid or profane,
I wish I could brush a unicorn's mane,

From ages to ages,
I would walk through barren land,
In an unknown country,
Just to hold your hand,

My poetry is like a soul rhapsody,
Loosing one human life is a damn tragedy,

I've been schizophrenic for 8 years,
And not from drinking beers,

But from an amphetamine called 'Ice',
I've already fucked up twice,

If I fuck up again it will be 3 times,
Eminem writes some off tap rap rhymes,

I beg for the day when I won't feel a rush of cold,
Did I bargain to The Devil for my soul to be sold?

This is my tale,
I am no longer weak and frail,

Alysha, you are my hope, you are my dream,
You are the best damn thing my eyes have ever seen,

Now I am happy,
Even if the sun doesn't shine,
As we sit in front of a fire,
Drinking expensive wine,

You would look great in a tight pink dress,
Because you are a fucking sexy little princess,

If I could make it up to you,
My love, hotter than the stars is very true,
Alysha, do I love you?
Maybe I do,

Do you still love me?
I shall wait and see.


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