"I'll fight, I'll cry,
For your silence your name,
You live through me,
I will end all your pain..."

- Rhapsody




Welcome to The Kingdom of Majestica. Can our heroes of the light triumph over the forces of darkness and bring peace and prosperity to our once beautiful land?



Vanessa, your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name!


Hope in The Dark

For those tormented by evil, who are afraid and alone, never forget that God loves you, has blessed you and has given you an important role in life for you only.


Never Forgotten Love

Love is the most strongest power in the universe that has the ability to move planets and stars.


Depraved Descent

Just keep strong when faced by Evil. They will tempt even the most devout of all people.



Kings, queens, proud warriors, majestic creatures and magical dreams.


Unicorn Maiden

Only those who are faithful and believe will see a Unicorn there to bless your mind of all those fears, no more lamenting cries.



The inescapable reality of life unless destiny calls.



This world is yours for the taking. If only you could grasp it with your hands!


Infernal Vision

Ask God for strength to fight... All things are possible through our Heavenly Father!


Star Fire

My love burns hotter than any star in this universe or the next...



Lord Jesus is the one and only source of strength and courage.



Any major server form of mental illness, as one in which the sufferer losses connection with external reality leading to personality and behaviour changes.



The place where the final cataclysmic battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil, prophesised in the bible to occur at the end of the world!


Dirty Habit

Hey angel, want to spend a night in The Devil's bedroom?



Faith in Lord Jesus and repentance leads to an eternity spent with God.


Drug Ballad




Would you go to Hell to save your loved one?


Dark Revelation

Those who don't believe in The Lord are condemned to eternal punishment.


The Apprentice

The apprentice is taught well and is now the master!


Universal Wonder

Isn't out universe a wonderful intelligent creation?


July 16 1264

A journal entry found under a church, once The Demons left our world.


Royal Love

A King loves his Queen as God loves his children.


Diabolical Desire

Would you trade your immortal soul for power?



There is only one God, and he is a God of love who has promised healing and life with abundance.


Dragon Heart

Majestic and proud creatures, dragons!


Heroes Lament

A warrior wishes to retire with his one true love.


Demonic Repentance

Even a demon can turn to the light... turn to God, and no longer serve evil.


War Craft

The forces of light will forever fight the darkness.



When will the last hated cruel war end?


Poetic Justice

A poet has a brilliant mind...



My soul was made out of fire and my thoughts black until I met you...



Nothing can bring me down... I'm the super invisible, mega invincible, inconspicuous individual and I am good at it!


"Cry with me to fill the crystal sea,
Cry for all the victims of these stones,
shed your tears to fill the silent fall,
And wash in it your soul."

- Rhapsody


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