Royal Love


My beautiful Queen,
You, my love, you are my dream!,

You smell very delicious,
In our royal quarters, you can be vicious,

You take pride in your self image,
And you pray for the people in the village,

You are always well dressed,
And your golden hair is never in a mess,

I will always love you as the earth spins around the sun,
One day, we will make love and have a royal son,

That can take my throne and lead,
I will give him my most loyal stead,

Nothing could separate our love,
And it will carry on when we are in Heaven above,

May our holy flame burn for eternity,
And blessed, you will be a godsend mother after maternity,

When we walk through the flower fields,
I will pick for you, the most fragrant yield,

In the past, you left my home, but never my heart,
With cosmic love, we were never far apart,

Our love can move planets and stars,
In the deep of space, very far,

My heart will always pound,
Since the day we were found,

Before marriage, I asked if you wanted to unite,
You didn't hesitate, not one bit slight,

This is the love that The Devil is jealous,
He will never experience love, for he is cruel and malice,

We are blessed to never have a fight,
In our kingdom, the sun shines forever bright,

Oh, I can't express how much I love you,
Nothing could ever separate us two!


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