When you are not here,
I don't have faith, I have fear,

I sit and find it hard to cheer,
While I'm inducing a silent tear,

When you are not there,
I'll brush your Barbie doll's hair,

The storm in my heart is crying,
I'm better off in the grave dieing,

Come back to me my loved one,
Without you I can't have fun,

It's strange sleeping alone in this ancient monastery,
I hope you are safe, being blessed by a fairy,

Celestial garden, are your rivers flowing?,
Celestial garden, is your grass growing?,

Beautiful rainbow, are your colours shining?,
Beautiful rainbow, the climate you must be fighting,

My heavenly Goddess, when will you return?,
This solitude is making my soul burn,

I am now frantic,
I am now full of panic,

I have stayed up all night,
I hope you are alright,

It is now the dawn,
How long have you been gone?,

I am now contemplating suicide,
And I don't think I can make it subside,

I can feel that you are dead,
And it's making my psychotic in the head,

I have the sixth sense,
That you didn't repent,

I will now take my own life...

So I can help your spirit travel to the godly realm,
So you can sit at the helm,

While I will go to the kingdom of death,
The pain is what I used to enjoy best,

Darkness was attractive,
Now it's something I have to live with,

As long as you are safe,
I don't mind the demons eating my face,

I love you!


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