War Craft


Sky turns black and it starts to rain,
The demons want to see us in pain,

The knights are at full battle ready,
The swords in their hands and steady,

War is upon us all,
With God on our side, we stand tall,

The darkness versus the light,
In this eternal fight,

We must win for our children,
And our children's children,

The Demon King is in our sight,
Seeing his face is not a delight,

The chosen one is wielding the legendary sword,
Because oh his pure heart, setting free the sword was his reward,

And now the steel of The Gods clashed,
And loud thunder clashed,

So magical, the sword in his valour's hands,
Leading the knights at his command,

Victory is near,
So shed your fear,

The rain stops and the sun begins to shine,
This God send miracle is divine,

So do not let evil conquer your heart,
Or the light, you will depart,

Praise God for his strength and majesty,
Or succumb to a damned travesty.


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