Universal Wonder


Stars that make up the constellations,
Pray to the fire for everlasting inspiration,

Here comes the meteorite that will bring death to our world,
Is it Armageddon that the word for told?,

Enter the black hole of unimaginable destruction,
Be lured into a smoking nebula of seduction,

Forever, the star lords will be fighting,
Call on the crystal lightning,

Lonely moon that will drift away from our planet,
Do you have to cry for loosing your loved one Janet?,

In the black void of space, burns the star fire,
In the scorching heat, the races will tire,

In Zephyr, the dark comet came,
And it brought a frightened girl that died in shame,

Astral rider,
Burning desire,

Fragments of the divine born, the chosen one,
With his mind, he can implode a sun,

Still we are marvelled with the concept time,
As The Devil would dream to say, is, "this world is mine!",

The cosmos, we cannot escape it's technicality,
Until we go to Heaven, and have immortality,

With all the splendour of the universe,
I will be with God, once I die and traverse,

And live in the celestial garden,
For God is forgiving, and my sins he will pardon,

The rest will go to hell,
If they are locked onto a damnation spell,

During the end of gravity,
The universe would crumble, and it would be a cosmic tragedy!


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