Unicorn Maiden


I was strolling through the meadows with affairs on my mind,
until I saw a white stallion following me from behind,

I had a closer look because my mind deceived me,
A magical Unicorn there the bless me,

I walked up to the Unicorn and brushed her fury main,
The Unicorn whispered... "I can take away your pain"

I was cured of a pain,
No more thoughts of burning in flames,

I sat down to have a nap,
The unicorn placed her head gently on my lap,

I woke up hours later from a sound sleep,
Noticing no food in my upkeep,

I was rifled with hunger,
And the sky struck loud thunder,

There where no fruit trees growing in the fields,
If there was, I would of took a yield,

The Unicorn woke up noticing I was gone,
She thought to her self 'maybe he will be back just before the dawn'

But I was way past the dawn and it is now night,
The Unicorn said "I hope he's alright"

The Unicorn went searching and a shocking sight she could sight she could see,
The poor man hanging from an oak tree...

She looked in his heart and could feel a fait beat,
The Unicorn resurrected him and he now stands on his feat,

The Unicorn cried "why"
The man said "I wanted to die"

"For I lost my only love"
The Unicorn then transforms into a lovely girl from the Heaven above!


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