The Apprentice


He is taught very well,
To use the arcane spell,

To protect the young and defend the helpless,
To fight the demons with out being reckless,

The apprentice is taught very well by his master,
He is becoming more skilled, faster,

We will not kill, steal, lust or lie,
With arcane magic, he knows how to fly,

He looks up to the sky which is blue,
He respects The Lord and is very true,

All he wants to do to evil is fight,
While he is being blessed by the light,

He can look into the future with far sight,
The apprentice impresses his master, he is very bright,

His best spell is controlling the mind,
In broad daylight, he is hard to find,

Because of invisibility,
Thanks to tranquillity,

He doesn't need the sword or the shield,
With his hands, he can set fire to the fields,

Yes, he can shoot fire from his hands,
But the apprentice must be careful because magic is banned,

Especially The Dark Arts...

He slays the necromancers,
And the sick, he cures their cancers,

He can talk to animals and creatures,
And even calm those down with dangerous features,

Legend and myth, will never reveal,
The infinite pain of The Dark Lord's will,

But one thing, the apprentice can assure,
His God, he will adore,

To fight the ancient sin,
And win,

The apprentice is now the master and he is ready,
On horse back he rides steady.


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