I am blessed by the stars,
Which will heal my scars,

Could it be true,
That I am fond of you?

No more drugs,
Time to stop hanging around thugs,

The love is there,
I'll buy you a Teddy Bear...

You have been so good to me,
I'll give you the world for free,

I'm in rehab not getting high,
Just watching the time go by...

I could be constructive,
But I'm only destructive,

Which I have to live by...

You're in my thoughts and in my prayers,
You're always in my mind,

Lack of emotion and plenty of devotion,
You're not so hard to find!

I could smoke a bong,
But I want to see you in a thong,
Which is a dream of mine,

My name is Anthony and I live in agony tormented by The Devil himself!

I believe in Jesus Christ,
Who can free me of strife,
And Vanessa,
I wish you where my dear wife...

But you are TAKEN and I am left FORSAKEN,
With out you I would probably end my life,

I'm stronger than that
And that's a fact,
I would hopefully just cry,

My love for you is very true,
For we have had just one blue...

Oh, Vanessa,
I love you!


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