Never Forgotten Love


Everyday I walk the cursed earth concealed and crestfallen.

There are no footsteps in the sand I walk, I am alone.

I can scantily feel what's left of my celestial body, just a fiendish possession from an unimaginable force.

Breaking free from the psychotic intuition is hard for I am now addicted to chaos and madness.

The nefarious power flows through my veins.

I am consumed with hatred, do I want to be set free or accept the ineluctable damnation?

The desolation has made us forget the sounds of our own name...

Am I ready to turn out my life's flame to choose the doors of Heaven or Hell?

Angels and Demons juxtaposed.

We where created with free will by Gods divine magic.

I cannot wait for the grandiose journey that only death can bring.

There is only one force that can save me...

All though alone and winter grieving, hope still remains.

Hope full of cosmic energy that has the imperium to move planets and stars.

With every stagnant breath, I can feel it breaking free in this abdicated monastery.

I can now remember the affection I once had and suddenly there is optimism in which path I choose to follow.

But in the daily torments of life, there is still place for him to experience heavenly love... that can never be separated in this universe.

But the doubt of prosperity enfeebles me for I can only influence her; when found, with poetic justice.

My Queen, I will endure my pain and I swear I will find you.


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