You need inspiration,
for the taken'
Instead of your compulsive masturbation'

It's a problem,
Don't blame them,

Blame yourself you dick,
One day when you get older kid,

You'll do the opposite,
I hope your only root,
Isn't from a prostitute,

You better tell me the truth, you dick,
Do you cum quick?

So continue to have a wank,
And shoot out your blanks,


This psychotic mind,
Is hard to find,
Lost in space and time,

But I pick the fruits of my labour,
I like bubblegum flavour,

But I ain't choosey,

I'm in my castle, try passing the moat,
You couldn't even hit water if you fell out of a boat!


Even if you do succeed,
I'll even destroy you if I was baked off the weed,

I am very quick witted,
I even knitted,

A bullet proof vest,
That will guard my chest,

From a gun,
Life can be fun!

In my poem 'Divine',
I said I can turn water to wine!

But did I say I was Jesus Christ?


I'm not Jesus Christ,
Coz everyday I look for a heist,

To steal a lot of money,
So much that it won't be funny,
How about I go mug the fucking Easter Bunny?

I can psych you out and make you fold,

A good hand in poker,
A royal flush with a joker.

So take a toke,
Of some marijuana smoke,
And hear a funny racist joke,
While you vote,

For a scum bag politician,
Who the fuck is the victim?
Fuck this corrupt system,

My life with out psychosis would be bleak,
Lord Jesus wore sandals on his feet,

But he didn't get a blister,
Lord Jesus was the all mighty resistor,

Of sin and temptation,
In my contemplation,

I thought about suicide,
But I made it subside,

Coz suicide is a sin, and you can't repent,

If you're dead,
During my famine I never ate any bread!

Some people are more comfortable in Hell,

I don't want to go to Hell,

I want to go to Heaven,
So maybe I'll stop planning to rob 7/11,

For some easy cash,
And make a quick dash,

To Karobran farm,

Coz that rehab was to get out of jail time,
But now I'm fine,

At Karobran farm.
Ill rob the fucking church because there is no alarm,

But shall I wait and see,
Where I'm gonna' be,

In 10 years time,
Will I still be doing crime?

Will oil and energy be free?
Or do I have to spend a fuck load of pennies,
To support our families?

You'd be begin' for mercy,
All the people in Africa are thirsty...

I can't even afford a crust,
Lots of lust,
I think I'm gonna' bust,

Into a fucking smack addict,
That'll be tragic,

I can't take it no more,
Cut my wrists and blood all over the floor,
MC Cross Fire thought his bitch wasn't a whore,
What about the murder with the 44,

What about the corrupt cops getting paid to swear black n blue,
That this corrupt system ain't true,

What about that kid?

Did he suicide,
Coz the maths didn't divide,

What was going on in his head?
Must be worse than the Martin Bryant blood shed!
The Ice will fuck you in the head,

But what would you have rather,
The poor kid's father,

Who is dieing from cancer,
That doesn't ease his mind faster,

These people had good intentions,
Set aside in unreal dimensions,

Of space and time,
In my poem 'Divine',
I said this world is mine!

Well now I'm on anti-psychotics,
Which is better than demonic narcotics,

That will slowly eat your soul,
Your life is pretty shit if you're on the dole...

So get on disability support pension,
And learn an inquisitive comprehension,

I'll look out at the view of the birds and the bee's,
Majestica is filled with rivers and valleys,
And even talking tree's,

My literature, my stories,

My rhymes,
In domestic times,

My freestyles and rap spits,
You going to be chewed to bits,

If you challenge my mind!
I can no longer quote the poem 'Divine',

I am the master of philosophy,
But not from taking ecstasy,

But from the Ice,
Which I've quoted more than twice,

I could quote my fatal Ice overdose,
But It'll just be a boast!

But it's my life,
One day I'll have a a Goddess of a wife,
Who can heal me of my strife,

You must be fucking blind,
If you think I can be out rhymed,

I won't be out pimped,
I have girls on my Goblin operated zeppelin blimp,

Just like from World of WarCraft,
Play that shit 24/7 and you'll forget to bath,

So go and take a Xanax,
You'll wake up with your pubes waxed,

You know about the Holy ideas,
And demonic hell sent fears,

Caught up in my pubic hair,
Demons putting me in despair,

Well I'm going to end my rap,
Before I turn this into a personal attack,
Not coz you think you're black,
Only coz you're whack,

So yer...
My love is still there,
How about I buy my next girl a Sponge Bob teddy bear,



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