Hope in The Dark


I feel death around me.

The walls of reality come crashing down...

When I walk outside, I can feel oblivion is at my doorstep, there are voices in my head.

I cannot remember the sweet taste of happiness, just the bitter cold betrayal of loneliness.

Everyday I seek companionship, to what ends will I go?

The fires of Armageddon are all around me. I cannot abandon my faith now.

I can feel the presence of The Dark Lord, I shall be strong and not falter.

My pain is growing but my courage is not fading.

I demand justice in the name of my God.

The heavenly light shines on me for I now feel secure in this darkest hour.

I wish to know what the enemy knows for I shall face the darkness.

I fear no enemy for I am at peace with my God.

My quest is not one in solitude.

The torment of my noble kinsmen is deleterious for the screaming is not in my head...

The can feel the pain of anguish of my kind trapped in the oblivion of Hell.

I am becoming one with the universe for my wisdom is growing.

The stars bless me, the light of the moon guides me.

The lament of heroes fills the wide cosmos and frees my pain.

I can feel that my strength and wisdom is ready to face the evil.

Victory is near or is it just a delusion?

I cannot fail.


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