The sun burns,
As the earth turns,

Heat the world with your power,
Then will blossom a beautiful flower,

The birds chirp and the bee's sing,
Give your loved one an engagement ring,

Rain pours and the snow will fall,
The world trade centre used to be tall,

We went to war to secure the oil,
Now the world is in chaos and turmoil,

Love is easy to find,
Beware of The Devil for he can posses your mind,

This live we live is just a test,
To see which realm will suite you best,

So never ever pray to The Dark Lord,
Because you better agree to a price you can afford,

So smoke a lot of weed,
And contemplate the need,

For Jesus in your life,
Did Jesus have a wife?,

Rub two things together to create some friction,
Only God can help you cope with drug addiction,

So when you go to Heaven, ring that bell,
Because you might fall and end up in Hell,

Sun, moon, wind and rain,
Jesus did not die in vain,

He died for our sins so that we may live,
Be reborn and learn to not receive, but give!,

So it's time to put an end to this writing,
And see me in the ring with demons fighting!


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