When you are down and need a hand,
Jesus will not judge then draw in the sand,

The crowds will blame and condemn you,
Jesus will come with his disciples of a few,

You will never be free of pain,
If you are in pain, call on Lord Jesus' name,

When you are spiritually empty and easily tire,
The Devil will try to burn you with fire,

In case you fall into the pit of Hell,
Quote the bible, and hold onto the salvation spell,

When you are sad and in an angry mood,
The holy word can be a source of food,

The Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit and Son,
They are The Holy Trinity, they are one,

Pray to God and do not be concise of sin,
So you can conquer your mountains and win,

For God is a God of infinite chances,
God is powerful, he can cure your cancers,

So live life rejoicing that you are alive,
With belief in Lord Jesus, you can have immortality and survive!


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