White knights and mighty swords,
Big castles with majestic walls,

Spells and magic cloud the enemies vision,
To fight them in battle is your decision,

Kings and queens in magical dreams,
Release your anger in eventful steam,

Strong warriors with epic cries,
Flying unicorns reach the skies,

Immortal skeletons on black stallions,
Engage to fight Gods battalion,

Bards play songs,
And birds sing along,

Jesters in court yards dancing for tribes,
Musicians in symphonies not asking for bribes,

Princes and Princesses not standing far apart,
Beautiful maidens being seduced by Romeo's heart,

Flowers and tree's beautiful splendour,
The land where poetic landscapes render,

Blacksmiths and anvils temper the steel to bend,
Unfortunately and sad to say this is the end!


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