Drug Ballad


Sugar 'n' spice,
Mixed with a bit of ice,

ecstasy and acid,
The dressing in a ceaser salad,

Speed and meth,
Would make for a brutal death,

But heroine and sex,
Is the combination that's best,

God made weed and alcohol was made by man,
Which one would you use if shit were to hit the fan?,

So smoke drugs and fly,
Coz one day you will die,

Be it an overdose, or hit by a bus,
Don't worry about the bloody mess, it ain't a fuss,

Music and emotion,
Growing marijuana takes total devotion,

On Jack and Jills,
We can climb magic mushroom hill,

Psychosis and depression,
Mental illness comprehension,

Schizophrenia and multiple personalities,
Your brain is stuck in another reality,

P.T.S.D. with obsessive compulsive disorder,
Your brain is now out of order,

You had a requiem for a dream,
Have you seen faces of meth?, they look obscene,

If you drink and drive,
You might not survive,

So smoke and fly,
And stay high,

Score some crack from a nigger on the street,
Now find yourself a glass pipe and you're complete,

When you don't wanna get high, you're shedding some tears,
Go and compensate by drinking cold beers,

In Australia, we got the best style for the endo smoke,
We rip, we don't toke,

If you're whack,
You'll be addicted to smack,

If you explode your amphetamine laboratory,
Because of unfinished business, you'll be stuck in purgatory,

So just stick to the drink and the weed,
And pray to Lord Jesus if there is a need.


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