Dragon Heart


Black, red, blue and gold,
The legendary creatures that fantasy lore told,

They fly very high,
In rich blue skies,

Spitting a flame of deadly fire,
A dragon's talon is what fortune tellers desire,

Amazing scales, stronger than steel,
The wisest dragon slayer should repeal,

The dragons are majestic and mighty,
They have no allegiance and should be taken lightly,

Druids try to tame the beasts,
If they fail, they will become their feast,

They live and breath in green grass lands,
They will roam there freely as they have planned,

One day, the dragons will not exist,
Before they are all slain, they will hide in the mist,

They are smart, healthy and wise,
To a scared King, their head will be a worth a golden prize,

When a dragon dies, they become a star,
Into a constellation in deep space, far...


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