Dirty Habit


What's next?,
I got my mind on sex,

Up the ass or 69?,
Baby, you look really fine!,

I'll pull your hair,
While you gasp for some mother fucking air,

You can get a prick,
From my little pin dick,

But it's not the size of the ship...

It's the motion,
Of the ocean,

I'm as hard as a nigger in jail,
I'll give you a call when I get some bail,

You are a dirty slut,
In my bedroom, we can run a muck,

While I cum on your face,
And you call me a disgrace,

We can fuck like 2 jack rabbits,
While I'm inducing my speed habit,

When I make you cum,
You can't say we didn't have fun,

I'll make you beg for more,
And even give you money if you're poor,

Coz it's worth paying you for sex,
You can make allot of money if you invest,

You are a horny little fox,
KFC, 2 thighs and a greasy box,

I'll make you squeal like a little bitch,
After I fuck you, I hope my dick don't itch,

When we met, I said "hi" and you said "hello",
Then you said "would you eat me out down below?",

You turn me on with your sexy lingerie,
In my bedroom I make the sky turn from blue to grey,

I'll make the world quake, thunder and storm,
Thinking about this is a sin because I'm a Christian who is reborn,

We better have sex with caution,
Or else we'd be looking for an abortion,

Or should I inject some slow,
Coz I heard you can't blow,

Are you a hoe or a whore?,
It don't matter coz I'll still fuck you on my dirty floor,

Then you can suck me off,
And I hope I don't get an infectious cough,

Oh, virgin Mary,
Hey young girl, your bush is hairy,

You don't want to fuck me coz it's that time of the month,
But I'll still put it in your cunt,

and make the domio grin,
Then I'll put my balls on your chin,

And go deep from knob to shaft,
After that, don't have a shower, have a bath,

I don't know if I'd fuck Miley Cyrus if she was 14,
There ain't dope, but cum in my spleen,

Can we fuck one more time before the dawn,
Then when you go, I'll watch our home made porn.


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