Diabolical Desire


I have studied the arts,
And memorised the spells that are chaotic and dark,

I can raise the dead from the grave,
And summon deformed creatures from the caves,

I have a love for all things gothic,
And reason with everything diabolic,

My spirit used to be intact and hole,
Until I traded power for my soul,

I can inflict a deadly curse,
As I read the unholy verse,

I will be with death forever,
The necromancers who wrote the black bible, were very clever,

Under my will, the innocent will die,
While I listen to the battle war cry,

Shadow, blood and fire,
Is my hellish desire,

I turned down the rest in Heaven,
To be with the demon brothers of seven,

The angels will die with pain,
When their existence will be vain,

God will not intervene,
As The Devil has seen,

I gain more power from the torture in my Hell,
And get pleasure inflicting a satanic spell,'

This power will be all mine,
Until I leave it behind,

To a sorcerer who is mad in the head,
A member born of the living dead,

All I need now is a Queen of The Damned,
I shall resurrect her as I have planned.


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