The pain runs deep,
I can hardly sleep,

I am powerless over this addiction,
It sees me in constriction,

Like Frodo and The Ring,
But I love to sing,

And transcribe rhymes,
In fucked up times,

In this capitalist society,
Where there is no sobriety,

But what keeps me alive,
Is my only key to survive,
Eating honey from a bee's hive...

Is thinking about you,
I hope we can unite as 2,

In this life we cry,
It's so fucking hard to get by,
I wish I was an Eagle that could fly,

To a far away land,
Karen you love guitar, so join a rock band!

I'm psychotic,
Isn't it ironic?

That I have schizophrenia,
Without my medication I get hyperthermia,

It feels like I'm dieing,
But I should be in the sky flying,

Without a parachute,
I like to listen to the flute,

From my favourite band Rhapsody of Fire,
Should I become an assassin for hire?
I have a Heavenly desire,

For love,
From our Lord above,

I can't take a life...

Coz my conscience would eat me alive,
And I couldn't survive,
I'd have to take 5,

Xanax bricks,
And smoke a phat mix,
To escape The Devilish tricks,

When you gave me that flower,
It gave me the power,

Inside of me,
To be set free from misery,
I shall wait and see,
What will happen to me,
Will this love be like an ecstasy...

Ahh shit!
Last time I was attached to a chick,

I didn't get it through my mind,
That mutual love is hard to find,

I slept for a week straight!

When I was rejected,
And I wasn't even injected,

I just wanted to die,
Either that, or get fucking high,

Then deal with The Demons
Like I was fucking Hee-Man,

The Demons attacking my mind,
Lost in the dimensions of space and time,

I was shit out of luck,
I wasn't there for a quick fuck,

I am more honest than that!

I just want a loyal companion,
And be her poetic champion,

I have respect for those...

Who can put pen to paper,
Who are master escapers,

Escapers of their fucked up lives,
With parents who suicide,

And leave them all alone in the cold,
As The Demonic bible foretold,

You have to escape the clutches of Hell,
Where all the damned souls yell,

I feel sorry for the cunts,
Who are in a rut,

Who are fucked up in the head,
That also wish they where dead,

In the end...

You'll either go to Heaven or Hell,
Doesn't that ring a bell?

In my fucked up head...

Filled with psychotic delusions,
Are they fucking illusions,

Planted by The Devil,
Fuck, I'm in peril,

Our last kiss,
Was a bliss,
I will always miss,

You... For who you are,
Bipolar disorder, gone so far,

I can relate,
We could of been the gate...
The gateway to an eternity of joy,
A kid and his new toy...

In your eyes,
You can disguise,

Your pain,
You didn't need the fame,
Coz I got the fame,

But no fortune,
I would never support abortion,
So I'll always have sex with caution,
While the cops get away with extortion,

Topaz, emerald and jade,
I promise all your pain will fade,

With belief in Lord Jesus...

Lord Jesus can cure all your pain,
If only you dare to call upon his holy name,

We could of done it together...

Under the same wing,
And be cleansed of this life of sin,

And be forgiven of out wrongs,
Or go back and smoke the bongs,

I didn't want sex,
I just wanted what was best,

For us to survive,
In this world where the dead can be revived,

Where the deaf can hear,

And the blind can see,
I thought that you and me Karen was destiny!

Thank you for the teddy you bought me...


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