Demonic Repentance


Father, I no longer want to serve your hellish will,
Nor do I want to harm or kill,

Your black blood no longer flows through my veins,
If I go to Hell, I will fight you even if I am overwhelmed with pain,

You are crazy, wicked and mad,
I have joined the light and for that I am glad,

I have been taught the word,
And I want to follow The Lord,
In these gothic times,
I cannot abandon the sword,

For evil is all around me,
Even if I sailed into the middle of the crystal sea,

I am cursed to be half demon half man,
But I am an asset for I know my fathers dark plan,

To attack every last human city,
Of every creed, denomination and deity,

With many great skeletons and beasts,
Starting from the west, and travelling to the east,

But we will be ready to defend,
And our desire is to see the demons plan end,

But for now we will drink ales,
And listen to the jester's tales,

Of songs and stories of ancient times,
As the jester compose their words in rhymes,

Soon we will fight,
From day until night,

But now we rest,
For our strength this is best,

Then pray to our God for power,
In the last sacred tower,

The demons should beware,
For I don't easily scare,

Father, why did you twist my mind?,
To you I will be malice, not kind!


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