Dark Revelation


The angel watches from the clouds,
And all she sees is a dark shroud,

You can not escape the hellish fire,
And it will transpire,

Your blood will be shed,
When the demons cut off your head,

The heavens will intervene,
As the prophet has foreseen,

God is the one, who will send,
The Messiah to come again,

Enter the portal of salvation,
Or else face damnation,

Only if you believe and repent,
You can have eternity in Heaven spent,

There are no words that can describe,
The horrific end of life,

Goodbye trees, flowers and dolphins,
The world will be nailed inside a coffin,

Beloved mother earth,
After Armageddon, will there be a rebirth?,

Will the grass ever regrow?, will the sun ever shine?,
In Heaven, the saved souls will be fine,

And those stuck in Hell,
Forever they will dwell,

Can the damned ever reach the sky?,
Like an eagle, they would like to fly,

Tut they choose their life and they will never be saved,
In fire they will bathe,

A tragic end to earth, a tragic end to the peace,
The godly will ascend wearing the golden fleece,

So the good will live and the wicked will be with death,
Which realm would suit you best?


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