The sorcerer cast the spell,
And raised the demons from hell,

The moon makes the oceans wave,
As the zombies came back to life from the grave,

Living dead on black winged demons,
Come and rescue me my beautiful heroine,

Skeletons riding deformed beasts,
My flesh will not become your feast,

Diabolic wizards of evil stature,
Come and fight for us, druids of peace and nature,

Holy knights of strength and might,
To win, we must all unite!,

Neighbouring nations of no cooperation,
We are called to arms to defeat the bloody occupation,

Fire now rains from the sky,
We couldn't escape it, even if we fly,

Gods of the world, give us the power,
To protect the last sacred tower,

Swords and shields, the power of the steel,
This unholy time is very real,

I rad the scriptures, the angelic verse,
Somehow, we must make this night reverse,

All we ask for is peace and tranquillity,
When we grasp the sword, we find stability,

Clerics and priests of total devotion,
Heal us with your magical potion,

If I were to die now, my soul would transcend,
Beyond the clouds, where my pain would end,

With all the blood of the heroes that will fall,
Wash in it, to clean your cosmic soul,

I now pray for this night to end,
So my once peaceful land can mend!


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